The Danish Conferederation of Trade Unions is called LO in Danish. LO works in the interest of 17 affiliated unions and approx 1 million members.

The congress is the highest authority and is convened every four years.
For 3 days in October 2015 the congress took place in Aalborg with 400 delegates and 350 guests.

TCC was responsible for the opening ceremony, the gala dinner, and we were involved in organizing the exhibition with 25 exhibitors.


The theme of the opening show was the newest edition of the Workers’ Songbook (Arbejdersangbogen) which had had a serious makeover and now includes a large number of modern Danish songs.

The opening started with a flash mob. Members of the girls’ choir, Mariagerfjord Pigekor, were seated in the audience at show start. Suddenly, one of the girls stood up and sang the first lines of the song “Africa”. A second girl stood up at the opposite side of the room and continued the song. And then a third girl …, and a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth. While singing, the girls slowly moved towards the front of the room, and when they entered the stage, the curtain went up and revealed the rest of the huge choir and a live band.

After two more songs by the girl choir, Lizette Risgaard welcomed the delegates to the congress (Lizette Risgaard was later elected President of LO), and introduced the cabinet member and former minister, Mogens Jensen who sang his own contribution to the Workers’ Songbook. He was followed by the popular singers Signe Svendsen and Michael Falch who both sang solos and later a duet.

The opening show was concluded with all 750 delegates singing the well know workers’ song “Danmark for Folket”.

The gala dinner was on the second evening of the congress. The theme of the evening was the color Orange which was the dominant color of the congress logo.

The guests were welcomed by the orange carpet in front of the entrance. The welcome drink was orange. In the huge dining room TCC used lights as decoration. 30 giant balloons hang from the ceiling and were lit by orange spotlights. On the walls different patterns of light were slowly moving during the evening creating a dynamic atmosphere. On the tables the flower decorations and candle holders were naturally orange.

The evening’s program was masterly led by the funny Jacob Morild. The stage program included different awards, the theatre group Platt-Form, and the ever swinging Antonelli Orchestra.

For the ones who needed a break from the dance floor TCC had created a beautiful palm garden in the adjoining room.