TCC and OW Bunker
OW Bunker was a client with TCC for five years. Our last event project for OWB was in April 2014, six months before the unfortunate bankruptcy in November 2014. During the years of our client-agency relationship, OWB was a well respected and successful global company. TCC dealt with the Director of Global Sales who managed approx 250 traders (sales reps) working out of 30 offices around the globe.

During the years TCC worked with OWB, the company went from being the third largest supplier of bunker oil in the world to being #1.


Background for the event
Every other year Global Sales invited the traders to a 2½ day trader meeting. There was a meeting in Asia with traders from Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America, and three weeks later a meeting in Europe with traders from Europe, and North America.

The client asked TCC to propose two alternative locations in Asia and Europe respectively with easy access (preferably direct) from the different OWB offices.

This case is about the Asian meeting. The European meeting is described separately.


It was decided to have the Asian meeting in Denpasar, the capital of Bali. The number of traders participating was 85. On a site visit, TCC found the Intercontinental Bali most suitable, and we also decided on a local partner who could help with staff for the different activities.

The objectives of the trader meeting were:

  • The traders get to meet colleagues from other offices. On a daily basis, the traders communicate and coordinate via email and phone between the different offices servicing customers with a worldwide fleet of ships. Thus it is important that the traders know the colleagues at the “other end of the email”.
  • Management wanted to present strategies and plans for the coming year.
  • Having a good time as a thank you for great work and excellent results

The meeting lasted for 2½ days.
Friday: Arrivals and informal networking. Evening: Welcome dinner
Saturday morning: Presentations by management and workshop
Saturday afternoon: sports / team building activities
Saturday evening: Balinese gala dinner and visit to local disco.
Sunday: Informal networking and departures

TCC developed an Olympic theme which was in force all day Saturday from early morning until the medal ceremony during the gala dinner in the evening. It was called the OW Games. The traders were divided into 10 country teams. We chose countries were OW Bunker had offices, but each trader was allocated to a different country than the one he/she lived and worked in.

When checking into their rooms on Friday, the traders found a welcome package consisting of a welcome letter from management, a program for the next two days, a set of OWB shorts and t-shirt. To fix on the front of the t-shirt was a sign with his/her name and the flag of the country the trader represented during the OW Games.

One of the great advantages of Bali is the climate which allows you to plan for outdoor events. The welcome dinner on Friday evening was indeed outdoors, only 20 meters from the hotel beach and a wonderful view over the ocean. Buffets and tables were beautifully decorated Balinese style leaving the traders no doubt where they had arrived at.

On Saturday morning everyone gathered in country teams on the lawn outside the conference room. With John Williams’ Olympic Fanfare playing from the loudspeakers the opening procession began. Each country was headed by a Balinese flag bearer and walked into the conference room where table flags marked where each country should sit. The Balinese flag bearers placed the flags on the stage, and a beautiful opening show with Balinese musicians and dancers followed.

When the dance ended, the room went dark, and a video film showed one of managers running from Denpasar Airport carrying the Olympic torch. Passing the sights which the traders has seen themselves when arriving the day before, the manager arrived at the hotel gate where he passed on the torch to another manager who continued through the hotel grounds and into the building. Finally, he arrived at the door into the conference room – and at the same time as the video stopped, the door opened, and the manager – now live – ran into the room and onto the stage where he lit the Olympic flame with the torch. This short Olympic happening resulted in standing ovation from the traders. See video HERE. You will also find it at the bottom of this page.

During the rest of the morning, managers made presentations, which were followed by a workshop session where the country teams were asked to discuss, consider, and make proposals to solutions to different internal issues. The teams were asked to present their proposals either as a song, or as a short play, or in a video, or…. any way but the traditional way. Traders are like other sales people VERY competitive, and the ways the teams presented were amazing. The winning team and the two runner ups were given points which they could add to the points they would earn in the afternoon.

In the afternoon the teams were to compete in different sport challenges, and immediately before lunch we showed a motivating Olympic video which was produced by TCC. See video HERE. You will also find it at the bottom of this page.

The different sports were:
Beach Volley

Towards the end of the afternoon, all teams gathered for the last competition. The teams has to create their own dance to the world popular Korean hit Gangnam Style. This turned out to a tremendous success with lots of laugh and great dancing moves.

On Saturday evening we had the gala dinner in one of the hotel gardens, beautifully decorated Balinese style. The dinner was served by 65 waiters dressed in traditional costumes, and during dinner Balinese musicians played.

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners of the different activities during the day were awarded with OW Games medals on the stage.

Towards the end of the dinner, a fantastic performance started. Stunning Balinese girls in colorful traditional costumes carrying offerings on their heads in true Balinese fashion, encircled the tables. They were accompanied by a procession of musicians playing bamboo flutes, cymbals and drums.  See video HERE. You will also find it at the bottom of this page.

After dinner, it was time to dance and have fun. The traders boarded two buses to drive to a local disco where a separate area was reserved. Since the Denpasar traffic can be quite heavy on a Saturday evening, TCC had organized an escort of two motorcycle police officers to “make room” for the busses to get quickly through the traffic. See video HERE. You will also find it at the bottom of this page.

Sunday was reserved for individual sightseeing activities and travel back home.