We know how to avoid the pitfalls

The logistics needed for a 10-people meeting may not be so challenging.

When you reach the 50 people level, the event planner has to start thinking.

And when the number of people attending are in the hundreds – or even more so in the thousands – planning and executing the event becomes serious business.

If you attend a big event and all the “practical stuff” runs smoothly, you can be quite certain that detailed planning, quadruple checking, rehearsals, meticulous briefings of all parties involved, and a lot of sweat behind the scenes have been applied.

And the funny thing is that most attendees take a logistically flawless event for granted. Only if something goes wrong, will they notice.

Having been responsible for hundreds of meetings, conferences, and events all over the world for 25 years, TCC has the necessary experience to plan and execute exquisite events. You can rely on us. We never fail.