No two events are alike. They are all different, and thus the people developing, organizing, and executing events need different qualifications. Since TCC is organized as a network agency, we can set up a team of the very best people for your particular project – your Dream Team. We have a widespread network of tried & tested creatives, designers, production crews, sound/light/stage experts, SoMe virtuosos, technology freaks, teambuilding specialists, architects, and other types of service providers.

You will, however, always be serviced by the same Project Manager, and thus TCC’s knowledge of your company, brands, values and vision, your markets and customers is accumulated and well used every time we work for you.

As a networking agency, we can scale up or scale down according to your needs. We can handle events with thousands of participants, as well as only a handful. We can deliver a total solution taking responsibility of ALL aspects of the event, or you can hire one event manager who can work together with your own internal team.

You can work with us in any way you want, and since we are a networking agency

• get the best people working for you – every time
• pay only for the resources working on your project
• pay reasonable fees because (see below)

• have to pay for slow periods at the agency, staff holidays, etc.
• have to cover huge overhead costs for the agency’s office space, fancy furniture, complex IT systems, etc.