The Hotel Should Match the Profile of the Group and the Purpose of the Meeting.

Not the Other Way Around.

If your group needs a hotel, and perhaps meeting facilities but no other event services, TCC will be happy to take care of that. In fact, we are pretty good at it.

In many cases, you would ask your travel agency to find a hotel. They will look into a huge database of hotels and find a suitable one with regards to number of rooms and the number of stars which you have requested. It may be a good choice; it may not. And if it is not, it will be too late to change once you get there.

At TCC we think the hotel MUST be the best choice. We will eliminate the doubt. Before we start searching, TCC will ask you questions like: Who are the people who will be staying at the hotel? What are their expectations regarding style and atmosphere, level of service and quality? What are their needs regarding hotel facilities? What are their needs regarding meeting facilities? What is the purpose of the meeting? What is the program? Will they be going off-site during the stay? How do they arrive and depart? Does anybody have special, individual needs or requests?

Only with detailed insights is it possible to find the most relevant hotel for your group.

TCC will handle each search as if we were going there ourselves. Give us a call and try our service.


Practicalities, but still important
A hotel contract is serious business. Often the amount adds up to a considerable sum, and therefore it is vital to negotiate not only the best rate but also payment conditions, attrition terms, cancellation dates amenities included in the rate, etc. TCC has negotiated hotel contracts for 20+ years – we have the neede experience.

We will of course monitor the situation from start to the end. We will remind you of payments and important dates with regards to cancellation and adjusting the size of the group.

We will coordinate everything with the hotel, produce rooming lists, take care of alterations, etc.

You are in safe hands with TCC.