11 Strategies to Keep Participants Engaged as Virtual Fatigue Sets In

Participant engagement has long been a critical element to any event – live or virtual. And in a virtual environment, the stakes are higher. There are more opportunities for attendees to “zone out,” and distraction is only a click away unless there are strategies to keep them engaged.

Here are 11 tips for strategies for virtual engagement. They are in no particular order since they are all worthwhile.

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2021 is a year of hope and effort

Effort to conquer the covid-19 and hope that we as private human beings as well as professional businesspeople can live and act with no restrictions – or at least only a few.

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Virtual meetings and events. Yes…., but….

Virtual meetings, or digital, or online – same thing. People meet on their screens to have a business dialogue. They use Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or other similar platforms. I think that we have all tried it at least once since the corona out-break and the subsequent lockdowns. For many of us, online meetings have been the only way to meet with colleagues, customers, and other business contacts for months now.

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