Missionpharma is a world leading supplier of generic medicine and medical devices. The headquarter is situated close to Copenhagen, but more than half of the work force is located throughout offices in India, China and Africa. Missionpharma’s customers include NGOs, Ministries of Health, UN agencies and private corporations worldwide.

As part of a global launch of the organization’s new strategy, Missionpharma wished to invite its 50 Danish employees to a two-day strategy launch in the northern part of Zealand in Denmark. The purpose was to manifest Missionpharma’s new strategy and generate support and commitment from the staff. Missionpharma wished to present the new strategy in a unique, untraditional and memorable setting.

Kronborg Castle was chosen as the venue for the launch during Day 1, and Rungstedgaard (Hotel & Conference Center) was chosen as dinner venue, hotel and for the meeting activities on the second day. Missionpharma had asked TCC to develop and execute the actual strategy launch on Day 1.

Kronborg Castle is also called Elsinore Castle, and is the castle where Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” takes place.


Based on Kronborg Castle and its history through 400 years, TCC developed an overall renaissance theme for the strategy launch. Renaissance means rebirth, and the theme was developed in accordance with Missionpharma’s new strategy and strategic course.

The employees had been informed about the date of the strategy launch in advance but did not know any details about the 2-day program. TCC developed a teaser for the event, and two days before the strategy launch, an actor, dressed up as a renaissance peasant women, showed up at the headquarter and announced the upcoming event at Kronborg Castle.

The employees arrived at Kronborg Castle by bus on the first day of the strategy launch. Upon arrival they were greeted by a court jester who showed the way to the castle’s conference facilities while a trumpeter, in a renaissance costume, blew fanfares.

After a short welcome speech by the CEO, it was time for the Strategy Walk. All employees were provided with peasant costumes – renaissance style. Divided into three teams, the employees circulated between three locations placed throughout the castle: the Church, the Town Court and the Marketplace. On each location a member of the executive management, dressed in a renaissance costume, presented a specific part of the new strategy. Each location was decorated with props, and several actors made the different locations come alive.

Concluding the Strategy Walk, all employees were escorted to the famous statue of Holger the Dane in the dungeon of the Castle, where the company’s CEO recapitulated the main points of the new strategy. As a symbolic act to express commitment to the strategy, all employees signed a Missionpharma Coat of Arms. The Strategy Walk was completed with a delicious renaissance buffet under the arches of King Frederik the II’s wine cellar.

In the afternoon, the employees worked more in depth with the new strategy in different workshops, divided by department. Lastly, business speaker, Jan Sargent Larsen, did a plenum presentation on motivation and the ‘will to create a success’.

TCC Tasks
In connection with Missionpharma’s strategy launch, TCC developed, planned and executed the following:

  • Development of the overall event concept in accordance with Missionpharma’s corporate strategy and using the history and the atmosphere of the castle
  • Development and execution of teaser before the event
  • Concept development of the Strategy Walk
  • Design and decoration of Kronborg Castle
  • Development of event program and execution of the event
  • All stage and A/V elements
  • Booking of – and coordination with business speaker
  • Contact and coordination with external suppliers
  • Coordination with – and direction of all actors, musicians and board members