FOSS is a leading global provider of analytics for the food and agriculture industries. They help maximize the value of the production and the best possible use of valuable natural resources. FOSS is a true global company selling solutions in more than 100 countries through own facilities/offices and local distributors.

The FOSS management had decided to start a transformation of the company from traditional industrial production of hardware and software to offering digital and IoT solutions. The management realized that to make this transformation successful, a major change in the mind-sets of ALL employees, including R&D, Product Management, Marketing, and Sales was needed.


  • Kick start the transition from industrial to digital
  • Change the mind-sets to acceptance, and new ways of thinking
  • Introduce new digital services and solutions
  • Introduce organizational adaptions (no redundancies)


An important part of changing the traditional thinking was to signal a “new company” by introducing a whole new brand identity. A teaser activity ran for three weeks leading up to the kick-off. Huge banners, life-size cows, roll-ups, intranet messages, and more were displayed all over the HQ and the 12 global offices.

The kick-off was conducted in a hybrid format. The 500 HQ employees were physically assempled at a venue a few miles from the HQ, and the whole event was live-streamed to another 1,000 employees working at the 12 offices around the world. Before the event, detailed instructions and suggestions how to organize the live-stream event technically and regarding food, drink, goodies, etc were sent to the local offices.

Because of time zones, a few offices chose to run the local events on the following day, showing the streaming on-demand.

The physical venue was a sports arena which TCC transformed into a suitable event space with elements of the new FOSS branding.

For the kick-off TCC developed a travel concept. A transition is a journey. We know from where we start. The journey will take us to Destination Digital.

All 1,500 employees received a personalized boarding card as the invitation. The departure time on the boarding card was the start of the kick-off. The 500 employees attending the phycical event were driven on busses to the gate (the event venue). Outside the venue was a huge sign Go to gate. Inside the gate, they could hand-in their coats at the Coat Drop. Stewardesses and stewards welcomed each “passenger” and ushered the passengers to the seating section.

The presentations were made by the CEO and SVP, Global Marketing, both dressed in flight captain uniforms. Drinks and FOSS muffins were served by the flight personel at the social gathering after the presentations.