GN ReSound was about to launch its new brand of hearing aids, ReSound Metrix, in Europe. Before doing so, all European sales reps were to be informed about the product specifications, marketing initiatives, sales messages etc. and become highly motivated in order to put an extra effort into selling the new brand.

The event took place from Thursday to Saturday. Cannes in France was chosen as destination, because of its central location in Europe as well as the warm spring climate of Cote d’Azur.

TCC was responsible for
• Development of the overall event concept
• Development of the specific project plan and final event program
• Idea generation in relation to event sessions and activities
• Planning and execution of the meeting program and social activities during the event


• Introduce ReSound Metrix internally
• Motivate the sales staff
• Give the participants a splendid and memorable experience and strengthen the relations across national borders

170 sales reps from the European markets together with key figures from the management participated in the event.


ReSound Matrix is a high-tech product and its technological advancement was strongly reflected in the overall marketing strategy. The event concept was based on the visual appearance of the marketing campaign, the fact that the product was the next generation of hearing aids, and GN ReSound’s market position as The Technology Leader.
TCC developed a total event concept with the slogan:”We Bring you the Future”.

The participants arrived Thursday and entered the Hotel Sofitel Mandelieu Royal Casino which was branded everywhere with GN ReSound and Metrix logos. The branding elements made the participants feel home and signaled the beginning of “something great”.

Friday morning, the participants entered the huge conference hall decorated from floor to ceiling with the two campaign colors; yellow and green. The session kicked-off with an impressive light and sound show.

The opening was followed by a four minute video developed by TCC, featuring the GN ReSound management. The video revolved around the main theme of the marketing campaign; “We’ve Cracked the Code”. After this thrilling and entertaining opening the CEO entered the staged accompanied by a huge applause.

In collaboration with InnovationLab, TCC had organized a separate exhibition with future high-tech innovations. The participants were able to try out the products and two employees from InnovationLab demonstrated and presented the various inventions. The exhibition stressed the technological forefront of the Metrix line and showcased contemporary high-tech products and technologies.

The three-day event program included activities focusing on team spirit, sales techniques and motivation. The sales reps were provided with simple, yet efficient sales tools for future use in their respective countries.

Friday evening, GN ReSound hosted a magnificent gala dinner at Le Cap – a gourmet restaurant in Juan-Les-Pins with breathtaking views of the seaside. During the dinner, tears of laughter were in the eyes caused by the entertainment of the waiters from Café Kølbert.